Calendar & Gift Certificates


Our upcoming Sacred. Retreats are scheduled for these dates at University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, IL unless otherwise noted (*).  Go to the Retreat Tab to Register.

  • May 18 OR May 19, 2018
  • July 27 OR July 28, 2018
  • September 21 OR September 22, 2018
  • November 16 OR November 17, 2018

Each Friday and Saturday of any session are identical themes and experiences.  But every other month we change the theme so you are always coming back to a new piece of content and experiences.   The rhythm of the day and the location will have a comfortable feel if you return.

To see the dates on a real calendar use this link.  You can select date from there and go directly to register for that day.

Advent Retreat (women only!) at Bishop Lane in Rockford, IL

  • December 3-December 4, 2017  (CLOSED)

Past Retreat Themes

  • March 6 OR March 7, 2015: “Coming Home”
  • May 1 OR May 2,  2015: “God Sized Questions”
  • July 10 OR July 11, 2015: “Simplicity”
  • August 28 OR August 29, 2015:  “Unforced Rhythms of Prayer”
  • November 6 OR November 7, 2015: “Peace in the Midst”
  • January 8 OR January 9, 2016: “Lord, Tune My Heart”
  • March 11 OR March 12, 2016 “Walking with God”
  • May 6 OR May 7, 2016 “Awaken My Soul”
  • July 15 OR July 16, 2016 “Just Breathe!”
  • September 16 OR September 17, 2016  “Stand Firm”
  • November 18 OR November 19, 2016  “Come Away with Me”
  • January 13 OR January 14, 2017 “A Time to Pause”
  • March 3 OR March 4, 2017 “Held by God”
  • May 12 OR May 13, 2017 “Beloved By God”
  • July 21 OR July 22, 2017 – “Trusting God”
  • September 8 OR September 9, 2017  “Knowing God”
  • November 3 OR November 4, 2017 “Navigating Transitions with God”
  • January 12 OR January 13, 2018 “Rooted and Grounded in Love”
  • March 9 OR March 10, 2018 – “The Sower and The Seed”


A day of retreat is a unique personal gift of set apart space with God.  The fruit of the day will be a rich gift well beyond the actual retreat day.

Go to this link to sign up your friend and pay.  All you need is their name, address and email.  You do NOT need to know when they can go.  Once you sign up and pay, we will send you a gift certificate you can print and wrap.  The gift certificate gives your friend instructions on how to register online so we know when they are coming and decide if they would like spiritual direction. Then they can go to our website for more information or to contact St Mary’s if they would like to book a room to stay before or after the retreat.

Thanks for giving this precious gift.  We promise to set the table well for them to meet with God.  We join you in prayer for their time.